Since Dubai is a very happening city unlike other Arab emirates, there are a lot of events that take place in the city every day. Most of us miss such events because of sheer ignorance. Some get to know about it if they are that much active in social media. But for other it is hard to keep track of such events and once they know it, it may be too late and might regret if they could have known it before they could have attended it. Some may know it in the last minute, but it may not be of any use as you might not have scheduled it and have fixed other plans already. But to solve such inconveniences and make things easier for people of Dubai, we keep track of all kinds of exuberant events that are happening in the city and update in our website. Those who are interested in such events can easily sign up in our page and get all kinds of updates regarding the events with full details and preplan accordingly and attend the event without any hassles. This way you won’t miss out any night life events in Dubai and can always lead a happening life in Dubai and enjoy the maximum, which is what we intent with our 12amclub website so that we can make the night life more happening to the people of Dubai, rather than making their time waste on random plans and searching and browsing in Google for details of such events.