Dubai is considered to be the most happening emirate compared to other emirates. Be it for foreigners or for locals, be it for families or for bachelors, for everyone Dubai city offers a plenty of things to make the life here enjoyable. The sad part is that not everyone knows about how eventful the city is apart from a very few. There are night life events, clubbing everything that are happening which most of the people are aware of, but the Friday brunches in Dubai is something not everyone is aware of. Since Friday is the holiday people get off from their work, they sleep till afternoon. So naturally they tend to skip their breakfast and have brunch. To offer the best brunches there are so many star hotels but it is all going to happen only if you know about it. But you don’t have to worry as our website will let you know all details about the best Friday brunch in Dubai, so that you can have a happy – tummy kind of food along with your friends and family and have a pleasant Friday. If you sign up with us you will get updated about details of such brunches, events etc. that is happening in the whole of Dubai that you might often miss out.